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Your Furniture Repair, Refinishing and Restoration Experts in Colorado Springs

If you’re looking for professional furniture repair, refinishing and restoration services in Colorado Springs, you’ve come to the right place. Our furniture repair professionals in Colorado Springs have years of experience at giving new life to old furniture. Whether you are wishing to restore furniture that was passed down to you as an heirloom or simply make beautiful a piece that you found while shopping, we have over 30 years of servicing our furniture repair, refinishing and restoration clients across the Colorado Springs area.

Our highly experienced staff can repair a variety of furniture issues that you might be dealing with. Some of the common types of damages that we see include:

  • Pet chewing damage
  • Sun damage
  • Water damage
  • General use damage
  • Child-caused damage
  • General use damage

Whether you need a simple touch up or a complete refinishing, JT Restoration has the experience and know-how to give any piece of furniture a second life. Contact us today to schedule your furniture repair, refinishing or restoration in Colorado Springs!